Our main goal is satisfying our client’s expectations efficiently and in an innovative fashion.

What is Solvoj?

Founded in 2012, Solvoj is a privately held company created by Software Engineers, Telecommunication Engineers, veterans in the field of algorithms and other IT people. We help companies build and deliver their websites and mobile apps. Basically, we make software easier. We are a customer-focused, company dedicated to provide world-class custom software with great UX.

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We love to create

We’re the people you call when you have a great idea and you want a great product to match. We are consistent. We build things on time. We build things on budget. We also love what we do, and we’re proud of our work, so we think we’re pretty fun to work with, too.

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How we manage to deliver?




Think out of the box

We offer

Competitive Pricing

Proven Methodologies

Confidentiality and Security

Technical Support


Seamless Communication


Save Time

Do in minutes what used to take weeks or months.

Focus on product

Stop reinventing the wheel, focus on what's unique to your project.

Less debugging

Build on top of already well tested system that always works.

Scales with you

When your app scales, we make sure infrastructure does too.

Let's work together

Together, we can build value into your brand.

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