USPS IMb Reader and Decoder

Solvoj IMb Reader is a Java library intended to read USPS Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb). Its core is pretty fast as it is implemented using only Java SE without third party libraries and is easily extendable to read other postal codes with DAFT encoding.

Read from scanned document

This is a simple to use online reader demo intended to detect IMb codes from scanned envelops and mail pieces. Upload a document or image (only PDF and PNG files allowed) containing one or more IMb codes and let the reader extract them. It will find and decode IMb codes in any orientation angle.

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Using a smartphone

Also you can use your Android smartphone camera to read barcodes. Install our free IMb Scanner from Google Play, point your camera to a barcode and it will extract the contained information as this online version does.

IMb Scanner may not seems to be useful for you by now as it only reads and decodes the barcode, but we are willing to hear your recommendations in what ways you prefer to use or store the gathered information for next releases. You can fill out this survey to let us know how to improve the user experience or reach out by email to with any suggestion you have about it.

Professional support

Usage of the reader in this page is free, but you can always request a comercial licence to use the library in your application, we also provide professional assistance, customization and integration with your system. Feel free to contact us at for additional information.